Wool baubles

To decorate our Christmas tree in the academy, we made a funny craft: Some wool baubles!

We need:

  • -Some balloons
  • -White glue
  • -Water
  • -Wool (different colours)
  • -A dish
  • -A paint brush


  1. First, inflate a balloon like a tennis ball.
  2. Secondly, wrap the balloon with the wool until you can’t see gaps.
  3. Next, mix glue and water in a dish and then, put it on the balloon with a paint brush.
  4. After that, let it dry until the wool becomes hard.
  5. Finally, poke the balloon and take it out carefully.


And…you can put a thread and hang it on your Christmas tree!!!

Adela y Claudia 6º Primaria Alumnas de Inglés de Viaje al Centro de la Ciencia.

IMG-20151209-WA0003 (1)

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